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The Child Support Payment Never Arrived!  What Happened to the Money I’m owed?

Collect Unpaid Child SupportIt’s a common question many single parents ask themselves. The sad reality is that literally millions of parents with court orders for Child Support never receive the support owed to them, or receive it only on a sporadic basis. As a result, many of these parents struggle to provide for their children . Some are pushed into bankruptcy and still others fall into poverty.

If your ex is a deadbeat, that is, a person who can pay but won’t, you can scream, cry and tear your hair out. Or you can use the court system to force your ex to pay up. You need help and you need it now.

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Texas Child Support Resources is a private child support collection agency.  We assist parents by aggresively searching for assets and, if necessary moving your case to court. We go after assets, bank accounts, retirement accounts and everything permitted under law, even inheritances!

While the Texas Attorney General’s child support Collection division works hard, they have limitations.

About one million parents across Texas are required to pay child support, but 460,000 were delinquent last year by at least a month or more on payments meant to help their children.

In Harris County, an average of 42 percent, or at least 4 of 10 parents ordered to pay child support are past due; in Bexar County, 43 percent; in Dallas County, 46 percent, based on the latest records provided by Texas Attorney General’s Office.

Texas Child Support Collection Requires The Expert Knowledge We Have

And despite aggressive Enforcement › efforts, the cost to children over the years carries a staggering price tag: nearly $11 billion left unpaid.

Even with the best intentions many deadbeats are able to slide by or work the system making it impossible for the Attorney General’s child support collection team to ever collect a dime.

Do You Need To Collect Child Support? Then We are on Your Team

We give your case personal attention. When the Texas AG’s office seems to have no solutions and your children need their support it’s time to choose a new method to enforce your child support order.

Don’t give up! Even if your children are now adults Child Support Resources can collect. The obligor is counting on you to stop trying — eventually you will give up the chase. This is the precise moment to hire Texas Child Support Resources to enforce your child support order. We are aggressive, tough & use our combined 70 years of Texas child support experience to your advantage.

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